Advice For Home Sellers

When it’s time to sell your home it’s also the time to learn more about the home selling process and what you can do to increase your odds for a successful sale. The following recommendations will give you a better understanding and quick education for a faster sale at the best price. 

You should hire a real estate agent to assist with your sale because of their advanced market knowledge and expertise in the industry. Find a REALTOR® who specializes in the type of property you are seeking, for instance - if you want to sell your farm it would be prudent to have a real estate specialist with a firm understanding of what is required to facilitate this type of rural/agricultural transaction.


It’s always a good idea to speak with your family or friends and have them suggest a real estate agent they have been pleased with in the past. Numerous REALTORS® work from client referrals as a large portion of their book of business and this speaks volumes about that agent’s credibility. Regardless, you need to speak with a few REALTORS® and find someone you feel is compatible with your personality. They must have a vision for marketing your home; demonstrate skill and professionalism with strong market knowledge if they are going to serve you well.  

When choosing your REALTOR®, be sure you discuss the amount of communication you wish to have with them during the process. Many sellers complain about hearing too little or too much from their agent while their home is on the market. Advise the agent on just how much communication is enough. Make this clear prior to committing to someone to determine whether they will be a good fit or have difficulty with your request.  

Preparing Your Home Inside

Organizing your household items before you begin showing it to potential sellers is important since they will want to see everything. That means closets, cupboards, medicine chests, storage areas etc. When they see how organized you are their assumption will be that you are regimented and efficient, the type of person who looks after their home with great care. It’s a good idea to have an independent third party have a walkthrough your home first since they might detect little things you may have overlooked, allowing you the chance to repair a problem and make the home more attractive to real purchasers.

Before the first home tour takes place, you should conceal anything that gives your home a personal look. Home buying prospects really are not interested in your family gallery hanging in the front hallway or the kid’s art projects out on display. When a seller is viewing your home, it’s vital they are able to imagine themselves living there and that is tough when another family is gazing at them in every room.

Preparing Your Home Outside

When buying prospects drive up to your home, making a positive first impression is essential. It starts with your lawn so make sure it is well groomed with no dead areas. Re-sod if necessary and even spread some grass seed around the lawn well in advance to make it thick and lush. This will take time to blend in and settle so do it well in advance of showing the home. Hiring a professional landscaper can be a good investment.

Paint can be chipped and cracked on the house exterior so touch these areas up. If your driveway has seen better days, consider re-sealing it or give it a good power wash. Flowerbeds and gardens should be weeded with some nice looking flowers and plants placed purposefully about the area but keep it simple. Clear any clutter away from both your front and back yards. If your garden shed looks neglected – repair it and paint it. Sellers need to know you care about your property. Many people contemplating selling their home will hire a home inspector to assess the property inside and out. This gives you an opportunity to make repairs prior to selling or adjust your listing price accordingly. It Would Be My Pleasure To Assist You With Your Home Sale. Call Me Today!

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