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Why You Should Give Thanks For The Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

A great-looking Thanksgiving turkey 

Image courtesy of RuoCaled


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! You must be busy by now stuffing the turkey for dinner with your big brood, aren’t you? But if you're like me who'll have just a small and quiet Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom, you'll surely have lots of turkey left over. And that actually makes me pretty excited, because I just found out that…

Turkey has great health benefits.

Weight Loss Tips that Work! That’s because it’s lean protein that builds muscle and makes us feel fuller longer. And it’s definitely a better alternative to dark meat as it helps lower cholesterol and makes us less prone to illness by strengthening our immune system. It also has enough antioxidants and energy boosters to make us feel healthier and more active, plus it’s a good source of potassium, iron, zinc and phosphorous. Just remember not to eat the skin!


You can whip up lots of delicious dishes with turkey in a short time.

If you’re cringing at the thought of turkey coming out of your ears for the next few days, cheer up as there are lots of great leftover turkey recipes online that will make all your taste buds come alive! Here’s a great read from someone who actually likes leftovers. And I’ve dug up three of the highest-rated leftover turkey recipes from – mmmm!


Zippy and tangy Turkey Rice Soup

Grandma Carlson’s Turkey Pot Pie

Sweet Leftover Turkey Salad


One thing to watch out for, though, when storing leftover Thanksgiving turkey: you’d want to store it right to prevent bacterial growth and food poisoning. And there appears to be not much time for that: just two hours, in fact, to refrigerate or freeze the leftovers from the time you take the turkey out of the oven!     


Food’s a great way to connect with others….

If you’ve really had enough turkey to last you till Christmas, how about sharing it with others? Check out this great story that I came across and maybe you can make your Thanksgiving extra special this time around – not just for yourself and your family, but even for others!


So you see, that leftover turkey’s actually among the many things we should be grateful for this Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to pack and bring home my share!


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Published Sunday, October 13, 2013 11:29 PM by Bill Jackson

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