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What To Look For In A Real Estate Investment Site



If you’re reading this blog post, it most likely means you’ve decided to break into real estate investing if you haven’t done so yet, or are at least considering doing so. Congratulations! I work with real estate investors in Orillia, Ontario, and my clients and I find it a great way to grow one’s resources especially in Canada, where real estate is generally seen as a safe investment for both local and international investors because the markets are showing great stability amid the global recession and there are lots of places that are still growing. But Canada is a big country; so if you're just starting out, how would you know where to invest? Here are some quick tips.


Good Location


This is the mantra of real estate investors. A property in a good location will almost always at least turn out a decent profit, if not be a cash cow. But what makes for a great location? Many things really, but the most basic is proximity to transit, jobs and amenities such as schools, health care facilities, banks, recreation spots and services. Cities are where jobs, schools, services and other amenities are centered, so it’s safe to say that demand for homes in the major urban areas will always be high. But with cities getting crowded and home prices there rising, more and more people today are looking for more affordable homes in the suburbs where they can still have easy access to the big-city jobs and amenities while enjoying a nice bonus: fewer people, less noise and traffic, and a generally more relaxed lifestyle, oftentimes with many more patches of green and areas for outdoor leisure and exercise.


Growing Population


A telltale sign of a good location is a growing population. So when you find an area with a growing population, find out what’s driving the growth. If it’s in-migration, chances are jobs and business opportunities are burgeoning in or near the area, with amenities in tow. Those people will need a home, whether to buy or rent, and therein lies your opportunity. A closer look at the population growth could show, however, an expanding youth population, which could be caused by the opening of a new school in an area, as in the case of Orillia, where Lakehead University just built its second campus. Indeed, the expansion of the youth population in Orillia is luring investors.


Growing Economy


This is another quick and great way to find out if a site is a good investment option. A growing economy is your best bet that there will be a sustained and likewise growing demand for housing, be it for basic housing or for upgrading. Good indicators of a growing economy are more jobs (lower unemployment) and rising incomes. People with jobs and rising incomes can buy or rent a house and even upgrade or invest. And as incomes rise, the market will expand and amenities are bound to multiply and their quality, improve (check out too the local development plans to find out the rate at which the growth-supporting infrastructure and amenities are intended to be developed). Such developments have multiplier effects, begetting more jobs, attracting more businesses, and improving local skills (with improved education quality) to attract even higher-level businesses and services, all of which are likely to lure even more people to live there!


So you see, successful real estate investing calls for keeping all your senses, powers of observation, intuition and imagination working at full throttle to get you to an investment site that will bring you the prosperity and fulfillment you seek. I wish you all the best in your adventure! 


The picture-perfect city of Orillia and the shores of Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching is a wonderful place to live or invest in. With me as your guide, you’ll have a lifelong resident and well-educated agent who will focus on you 100%. Contact me at 705-238-6001 or at and I’ll give you a tour of cottage country.


About Bill Jackson

has been a realtor for nearly a decade in the charming city of Orillia in Ontario, where he was born and still resides. Of his two post-secondary degrees and two post-graduate certificates, his degree in Natural Science makes him a valuable resource for home buyers and investors interested in waterfront, farm and rural properties, which abound in Orillia. A real gentleman with a strong work ethic, his full focus is working full-time with clients; and he’s happiest when he has helped them find the best solution to their real estate needs and at the best price.

Published Monday, November 11, 2013 6:40 AM by Bill Jackson

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