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How To Find The Right Waterfront Property For You


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Do you fantasize about living near the lake? I know many people do, and I am lucky to currently reside in a house on the shore of Lake Simcoe in Orillia, Ontario! Maybe that's where I get my typical calm, cool and happy demeanor, and my ability to focus in any situation. Before you set out to find your dream waterfront home, though, I invite you to check out these few tips.

Before you purchase any type of property, you always want to consider your intentions very carefully. When it comes to purchasing a home for either investment purposes or for your own personal use, there are many important factors to consider. This is especially true when it comes to a type of property that is admittedly as niche as waterfront property.


Ask yourself why you want a waterfront property.

When choosing a waterfront property, it is important to first consider exactly what you want from the area. Do you need a good view? Do you want quick access to many different types of activities like strolling by the beach or water sports?

Identify what key features of a waterfront property you'll need.

To be happy with the property you'll buy, you should also be well aware of what you need as an individual. Do you want a piece of waterfront property that is on municipal services or well and septic? How important is the proximity to the nearest hospital? Do you want more or less privacy than you would have from a regular type of property? These are all important questions to ask before settling on any one particular location.

Find out what the risks are.

It is also important to do diligence checks. Find out about the risks associated with both the property and the area. Investigate the structural soundness of the home and the security of the surrounding community. You'll also want to pay close attention to the type of waterfront the property is nearby. Some are sandy, while others can be weedy or even mucky. Many people get stuck with bad waterfront properties because they aren't performing these types of checks. The waterfront in Orillia is generally a mixture of the aforementioned types. If you look at the bay where my home stands, for example, you will see a mixture of cobblestone in front of my home, hard-panned sand down the shore, and mucky and weedy waterfront across the bay and over a shoal, which is not as desirable unless you are a marine biologist. If you purchase in the winter and pay attention only to neighborhood sales, you could vastly overpay for something that doesn't meet your needs.

So you see, buying a waterfront property is in many ways like buying any other type of property, but there are extra things you'll need to watch out for. The key is having the right information you'll need to make a good choice. If you're really bent on making your dream of a home by the lake finally come true, I'll be happy to help. I'll put my lifelong experience in living in a house by the lake and in a community sandwiched by two lakes to work for you. Let's make that happen!


The picture-perfect city of Orillia and the shores of Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching is a wonderful place to live or invest in. With me as your guide, you’ll have a lifelong resident and well-educated agent who will focus on you 100%. Contact me at 705-238-6001 or at and I’ll give you a tour of cottage country. 

About Bill Jackson

has been a realtor® for nearly a decade in the charming city of Orillia in Ontario, where he was born and still resides. Of his two post-secondary degrees and two post-graduate certificates, his degree in Natural Science makes him a valuable resource for home buyers and investors interested in waterfront, farm and rural properties, which abound in Orillia. A real gentleman with a strong work ethic, his full focus is working full-time with clients; and he’s happiest when he has helped them find the best solution to their real estate needs and at the best price.


Published Sunday, February 16, 2014 5:43 PM by Bill Jackson

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